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Here I am listing top 18 unique Spreadsheet Project ideas that will helpful for you. You can choose any one of the idea from this list or You can think your own Spreadsheet Project ideas. I am listing an awesome list of Spreadsheet project ideas. It is quite interesting and simple project idea. You can create your own Attendance Taking Spreadsheet Project by yourself. If your professor is using traditional way for taking attendance, You can create a simple attendance taking app in excel spreadsheet.

I have created a dummy attendance taking spreadsheet in Google Doc. It is dummy and I did not try to make it beautiful, If you wish you can create a very attractive attendance tracking Microsoft spreadsheet project. If something is not clear to in Attendance taking Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet project, Let me know in comments, I will resolve your query. Most of people like to keep track of their expenses. When I was in kid living in hostel, My father has developed a habit of keeping track of my expenses.

Fun Classroom Projects Using Excel

I used a dairy for keeping the record of my expenses. But Now I am using Google SpreadSheet for keeping all my records like project details, client details, Expenses details etc. You can create your own Daily Expense Tracking Spreadsheet Project that will be helpful for your to control your expense habits. Event registration google spreadsheet project is unique and smart project idea.

I recommend them to use Google Form. It is fast, secure and reliable and Free, If you are thinking to create any registration system for any type of event, Take my recommandation and use google form. I have created a small event registration google form. If you will fill this form your data will be stored in this spreadsheet.

You will also get a beautiful interface for seeing the submitted form response. If you want to remember your most important tasks then To-Do List Excel Spreadsheet can help you to remember the things.Teach your high school students to use Microsoft Excel through engaging and creative projects. Whether you teach a class in computers and information technology or in another discipline altogether, you can integrate practice with Excel into a range of relevant topics.

Encourage your high school students to improve their understanding of Excel software by giving them an activity based on business consultancy. To complete the activity, each of your students must pretend to be a consultant for a furniture company with several lines of furnishings. Using Excel, students must catalog and track the performance of various furniture lines and evaluate their relative profitability. Ultimately, students must use the data to make a recommendation to the business on how to improve financially.

Templates for Teachers & Students

Students may also use Excel to design payment plans for the furniture company to use, as an alternative financing option for its customers. In addition, they may compare personnel performance on Excel.

Show your students how to use Excel to create informative and well-organized time lines. You can adapt the project to a language arts class, creating a time line of production from a single author or a group of affiliated writers. For a science class, you can use the time line to chart evolutionary trends or geological changes. For history students, a time line project lends itself to a myriad of possibilities. Show students how to orient the text at an angle, through the "Format Text" window and the "Orient Text" tab, to fit it onto the time line.

Teach your students about personal finance as you teach them how to use Excel. Using the software to create spreadsheets, have students create either a personal budget for themselves or a fictitious budget for themselves plus a family of dependents.

If you're hoping to create a more realistic and immediately useful lesson on personal finance, it may be most beneficial to create budgets that reflect students' actual finances. If you'd prefer to make the budgets more complex and to offer some privacy regarding your students' actual finances, a fictional scenario may work better.

Have students use Excel spreadsheets to compare the prices of their various dream cars.

excel project work for students

If any students would prefer to substitute a house, boat or other large purchase for a dream car, just ensure that they choose an item they can find plenty of examples of, at various prices. Have the students create a spreadsheet with the cost of their various options.

If your students have studied compounding interest rates, you can have them determine a few payment plans and compare them, based on each of their options. Have them add that information into the spreadsheet, as well.Excel isn't just a software program for accountants and "number crunchers. Educators and parents can use Excel as a tool to teach everything from math to history.

The key is to create projects that make data gathering fun and relevant to things students do on an everyday basis. Create a "What's Your Sign? Label the first horizontal column "birthday.

Prepare a word document work sheet with the first and last name of each child in the classroom. Have children use the worksheet to "interview" each other to get birth dates. Each student should compile the collected information into an Excel spreadsheet. Teach advanced skills such as how to make pie charts and graphs to demonstrate the percentage of children in the class that are born under each sign, or in each month. Teach children how to create a timeline using Excel by creating their own personal biographical information.

Create a vertical list of things their timeline should include, such as their date of birth, city where they were born, birthdays of younger siblings, and so forth. Teach the students how to use Excel to create a callout to enter captions on the dates of their various "firsts. Have middle school and high school students create an "Eat Me" Excel sheet to learn how to create lists.

Focus the project on calories and fat content for popular choices at fast food restaurants. Have students create a vertical list entries for total calories, fat calories, non-fat calories and the overall percentage of fat.

Use the top horizontal column to enter the names of the restaurants. Make the second horizontal column a popular choice, such as fries from McDonald's, a shake from Wendy's, and a soft shell beef taco from Taco Bell. Have the children go to the website for each restaurant to get the calorie and fat information to enter on the Excel spreadsheet. Use the project as a teaching tool to help students understand what they are consuming when they eat at fast food restaurants.

Use Excel to help children learn how to calculate distances to and from popular places for entertainment. Engage the children in selecting places of interest such as the zoo, museums and amusement parks. Use 5 or 6 places for horizontal data entry columns. Then, use vertical columns to have the students enter data such as the distance to the venue from their home, the hours of operation and the admission cost.

Add even more fun to the project by allowing them to learn how to enter graphics for each venue. Cheryl Munson has been writing sincewith experience as a writer and creative director in the advertising industry.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism with a focus on advertising from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

See disclaimer. What's Your Sign? Biographical Timeline Teach children how to create a timeline using Excel by creating their own personal biographical information. Are We There Yet? About the Author. Photo Credits.To learn the basics of Excel, check out our new Excel Tutorials - created specifically for middle and high school students.

Beginning inVertex42 is awarding a few scholarships to students who love spreadsheets! If you are planning on enrolling in an undergraduate program, click on the link below to learn more about the scholarship. Syllabus Template For Word : Provides an outline for a college course syllabus with some sample text and an assignment schedule table. Class Attendance Template Track class attendance over a full school year. Monthly Class Attendance Form Track student attendance for an entire month on one sheet.

Weekly Student Attendance Record Track class attendance weekly with this template. Behavior Reward Chart Create and print a behavior reward chart for your classroom. School Calendar Collection Download a collection of school calendars for Excel. Printable Birthday Calendar Print a birthday calendar for your classroom.

Field Trip Permission Slip Customize a field trip permission form to send home to parents. For Microsoft Word. Lesson Schedule Create a yearly lesson schedule for a weekly class with multiple teachers. Appointment Schedule Sign Up Sheet Customize and print an appointment schedule sign up sheet to put on your office door. Attendance Sheet Template Keep track of class attendance on your mobile device. Have fun with different symbols for marking attendance.

PTA Reimbursement Form. Random Acts of Kindness Calendar Customize and print a monthly calendar with ideas for random acts of kindness. Homework Planner List your assignments. Plan your week. Get your work done. Printable Student Planner - Basic Print weekly student planner pages to help keep up with homework and activites.

Weekly Student Planner - by Subject Keep up with your assignments and other activities using this 2-page student planner with columns for each subject and rows for each week day. Weekly Student Planner - by Weekday Plan your week and keep track of assignments and activities using this 2-page student planner with separate columns for each week day and rows for each subject. Graph Paper Template Excel Useful for electronic floor plans, landscape plans Printable inch, cm, isometric formats.

Isometric Graph Paper Great for creating 3-dimensional drawings. Money Management Worksheet for Kids A simple system for keeping track of your savings and spending.Use for distance learning!

excel project work for students

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Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Higher Education. Adult Education. Digital Resources for Students Google Apps. Internet Activities. English Language Arts. Foreign Language. Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. This bundle contains six popular and fun projects. Your students will learn to use excel by working on projects which are interesting and engaging. My Dream carStudents will use Excel and its capabilities, to apply formulas and charts to a subject which they find fun and interesting, their dream car.

Computer Science - TechnologyBusiness. Not Grade Specific. Show 6 included products. Add to cart. Wish List. This is a basic activity which does not require students to have a comprehensive knowledge about Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs, only b.

WorksheetsProjectsActivities. ActivitiesExcel SpreadsheetsPrintables. Microsoft Excel Activity: Creating a Timeline. In this activity, students will create a timeline for multiple categories personal, historic, etc. ActivitiesAssessmentExcel Spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel Activity: Calculator vs.Excel is very beneficial for students. Students can learn by using excel how to convert raw data into meaningful information. They will learn by doing exercises in Excel on how to perform calculations faster.

They will understand by using Excel how data can be visualized. They will learn how to do financial planning. Students can learn why data and information are important to filters.

They will learn in Excel why how to track goal progressions, how salaries are calculated etc. Students can become good and proficient in any school or college subjects by using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is an important application in computers that need to be used in the classroom and education. Microsoft Excel formulas, formatting options, and other data management and visualization tools can help students to perform complex mathematical, logical and financial calculations faster with accuracy.

Microsoft Excel contains various educational and business tools and features. It means if students start learning and start working on Excel from the earlier as possible then it will easier for them in the future to handle and understand the pattern of data and information when they join a computer or computer science degree or any organization.

Today, Data management and visualization in business is the most important thing. In future students will work in organizations and companies, in that they will find it comfortable to deal with data and information.

Microsoft Excel Tools such as conditional formatting, sorting, filters, use of chart and illustration in data visualization, use of pivot table, logical formulas such as SUMIF, IF, OR, NOT, AND and various other types of text-based options in Excel is really important for students to understand how economics works in our daily life. By using such a tool they will learn how to validate, consolidate, group, import and explore data and information in a computer using Microsoft Excel faster with accuracy.

Finance and economics is the most important part of our life. Later they have to work in companies, HR departments, they will run their own business and they have to manage their own daily life finance. Many business owners and people suffer in business due to bad finance or money management.

Students will learn such things in Excel, so they can survive or grow above survival in business and career. If students are strong in financial education before completing their academic education then it will be easier for them to get benefits from subjects like math, economics, and account in their life.

And Microsoft Excel provides those tools and features for everyone. Teachers have to include Microsoft Excel in mathematical, financial and economical topics practically. So, students can become stronger, powerful and great in money management and spending habits. Such thing if students understand and perform a calculation on their money spending habits, savings then they can predict and visualize what type of results they will get in the future and what they can do if they are getting bad financial results.

This is about using data and information for predicting the future. And it was happening before Microsoft Excel. But today, Computer education or Microsoft Excel practical education is not optional but a necessity for every student around the world. We all are seeing data and information in blogs, TV, newspapers, and books in visuals such as charts, graphs, diagrams, and reports.

Such as Indian Gross Domestic production in which we can find the measurement of how goods and services are produced in the year — and what are the results. Students can practice on current Financial happening in India in Microsoft Excel.

Similarly, the Government budget for and But teaching theories or historical facts in Education not enabled us to grow faster and become successful business owners at the age of The best method of teaching, I think will be when you include current incidents in education, which is happening in the country. I am not against any historical facts and figures that are included in the books or study material.

But what about that is happening currently. As a student, I want to learn about demonization from the teacher, I want to learn how inflation rate effects on our savings, FD, RD, etc. And I want to learn this from our teachers.

Not from news channels. I hope you got my point.It's easy to underestimate the power of Excel. Many associate the Microsoft tool with headaches from crunching numbers and tedious charts. But there's more to the spreadsheet-making program than you think.

excel project work for students

Whether it's an impressive map visualization or aesthetically pleasing works of art, Excel shows that beautiful graphics don't always require fancy software. Gathering data from the U. Using conditional formatting and tiny cells, the map was visualized in Excel. Image: Screenshot, Tatsuo Horiuchi. Tatsuo Horiuchi, a year-old Japanese artist, took the simple idea of an Excel spreadsheet and turned it into an unexpected beautiful work of art.

Horiuchi started to use Excel to create art after he saw other people using the program at work, he told PC Online. To see more of Horiuchi's work, visit his website here. Image: IDV Solutions. Who knew Excel could be used as a video game platform?

Cary Walkin, an accountant from Canada, created a full-length role-playing game using an Excel workbook. He created Arena. Xlsm in five months, and released in March It features 2, potential enemies and a storyline with four different endings, based on how the user navigates the game. To download the game, click here.

When he shared his GIF masterpiece, he explained that work was a little slow for him that morning. Pixel Spreadsheet allows you to convert any photo to an Excel spreadsheet. Here's a before left and after right screenshot of a photo.

Pixel Spreadsheet, designed by Think Maths, allows you to convert any photo into an Excel spreadsheet. Think Maths describes the process as "cracking the digital photo file open, scraping out all of the numbers and putting them into the cells of an Excel spreadsheet. To view a photo as Excel pixel art, simply upload any photo here. The first set of graphics shows the time of day, day of the week and months prone to fatal traffic incidents.

The second set of graphics plotted these accidents by location in the U. To see how Nelson created a map like this, check out his post called " Excel Hack Map.

He made the stop-motion animation entirely in Excel, and it ultimately went viral. Creating pixel art in Excel requires a lot of patience, so props to Imgur user Tremorized for creating this "Excel-lent" design of the Internet's favorite feline, Grumpy Cat. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

Click Here to find out more. Tech Like Follow. Image: Darkhorse Analytics. Image: Reddit hoguemr. Image: Imgur, Tremorized.